Monday, June 06, 2011

What... no hopium speach today?

It is a little hard to get excited about what is going on right now. We all knew these days would come. We just didn't know when. So we kept riding the bus with a toe propping open the door. Just in case the place caught fire you could get out quickly.

You know - when this recession first started, many people said consumers would never go back to their old spending habits. At the time I thought that was preposterous. People love to spend money.

At this end of the recession though, I understand why people will never go back.

In 2008, if you had six months of cash to cover your expenses if you lost a job - you were doing fanfuckingtastic.

Three years later - you don't know how much money you are going to need. You don't know when the government is going to quit fucking up the economy. You don't know when you are going to have your next chance to make money. You don't know when the next country is going to go all revolution. Need 3 billion dollars, and basically cave their own economy.

I mean, only the government would go on a hiring spree for three years when their revenues were falling. All the while telling their adoring fans that spending all this money is going to make money. An argument I assert is what all poor people believe. No. Really. They do. Ask any homeless person on the street and I swear they will agree with this premise.

So, you just wait - for the inevitable.


  1. Man... I'm gone for a while and I come back to this post. You sure know how to liven up a party, Mrs. S.....

  2. And what happened to the guy you linked to with the art? Kaiser Soyze? something like that. At least the HR lady is still there.

  3. HEY! WB. How is your family?

    I had a ton of non depressing stuff while you were gone. And you were gone a really long time. You have to admit.

    Keyser Soze had gotten a malicious bug on his wordpress account. And it was munged for a long time.

    I didn't think he was coming back to blogging. Some people just fall out of writing. He came back and made a half ass attempt. I was sure he still was quitting blogging, and he hasn't convinced me otherwise.

    I'm sure he'd love to know you were reading him though. He gets a little needy that way.