Saturday, June 11, 2011

El Panda Cowbre.

It started months ago.

Me - Hey, Mr B - did you know there were panda cows?

Him - How do you know they just aren't cows with spots.

Me, Excitedly - Because the middle fur looks completely different than the fur at the ends. Like they have two different kinds of fur on them.

Him - Hey.... I think I saw one of those!

And so the quest began to get a picture of the elusive Panda Cow. Little did we know just HOW elusive. Mr S originally saw the cow in a pasture he passes every day to and from work. And yet in the days that followed, no Panda Cow. It has taken months and months but we got this shot tonight. At dusk. And those cows seemed skittish. So of course I got one of those blurry big foot style photos of them.

You can see the video of some guy with a panda cow here.

Watching the video again, I guess these cows don't have marks on the eyes, but one of the bulls in the pasture had more of that marking.


  1. Belted Galloways! We call them Oreo cows. It's still a pretty rare breed in the US. There is a small ranch between Lodi and Stockton that has a couple of herds; the animals are smaller than regular cattle, so they might be mini-belties. I should try to get a picture for you this week (my last to commute this road)! :)

  2. That is really random information! How did you know that?

    Looks like our heard could use some cutening up. From most of the pictures they look fuzzier. Which equals cuter.

  3. Google-Fu. First time I saw them, I had to know what they were. The ones out here are all quite fuzzy cute, not so shiny-furred as the ones you and Mr. S found.