Friday, June 10, 2011

For the love of gawd - you have to watch this video. OMG. This is suppose to be an eHarmony video. Full here.

Men... RUN!


Anonymous said...

I think she's totally faking it.

And if not, I'd love to see her answer the old "Tell me about yourself" job interview question. Blog fodder for sure. WTF.

she said: said...

I have to say - I love a girl who's first comment is - she's faking.

I'd be afraid she really would tell me about herself. And that would be fun for about ten minutes. Then I'd be stuck.

At least in an interview you can ditch her after an hour.

stutefish said...

She had me right up until "rainbows".


she said: said...

OMG. That was my favorite part!

I don't care if she was faking. She made me laugh.