Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Just go belly up already.

"Nurserymen’s Exchange, one of Half Moon Bay’s largest employers, has filed for bankruptcy.

The wholesaler of edible, blooming and specialty plants including blueberries, roses and ivy owes creditors nearly $25 million and is selling its land and operations."

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Who cares. Right? This is only notable because Half Moon Bay was already on the brink. Because their government is the biggest fucktards to rule this earth. Little background.

A developer bought some land in Half Moon Bay a few years ago. He was going to put up some condos or something. The city of Half Moon Bay said he couldn't use that land because of some freckled horse frog. Which doesn't exists. I just made it up. It could have been unicorns on that land, or nothing. Same result.

He sued the city and won. This effectively bankrupted the city. No big whoop though! They would just sell some bonds to cover the 18 million.

Well, now their biggest employer is going belly up. It doesn't matter though, because Half Moon Bay doesn't need any revenue. Apparently. At least that was my take a couple of weeks ago where I had to sit through two hours of traffic one way to get out of the Half Moon Bay Air show.

I just steamed the whole time I sat in traffic. You know - if this was my city I said, I would have one guy that fucking just came out every event and switched the timing of the lights to get people in and out of this town.

I was going to stop and have dinner in Half Moon Bay, but didn't because I was stuck in traffic so long. I figure most people have that same feeling. They would spend a little more time in town if they weren't forced to sit there waiting to get out of it.

Who cares though? Money just falls from the sky in California. A tourist town doesn't really need tourists. Now does it?

Here is a fun little detail about the city settlement. Half Moon Bay has a August deadline to pay the developer for which they tried to steal his land.

"If the city is unable to get money from the state, it will seek to purchase bonds that would cost the city $1.3 million per year for 30 years to pay back, or about 12 percent of the city's general fund, said Michael Dolder, interim city manager. He said legal advisers have told city officials that they probably would not qualify for bankruptcy protection.

And, if Half Moon Bay misses the August deadline, it would owe back interest on the settlement of 6 percent dating from 2007. Half Moon Bay laid off 19 workers in March to put it in a better financial position to seek and pay for a bond, Dolder said."
From sfgate.

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