Monday, June 06, 2011

Career limiting moves.

Update - How did they let Howard Stern's Benji into the news conference for this?! He was the one at the end who comically asked Weiner if he would support Arnolds' love child.

I've been trying to not pay attention to the Weiner thing - because I mostly don't care. If he would have just shut up, this whole thing would have blown over.

But seriously - sending shirtless photo's with family pictures in the background. Priceless! Here.

No wonder that guy spun out so hard when the peen shot came out. Which BTW looks to be socked up.

Hey - is that one photo over his left shoulder a picture of him and Clinton?

Update - even funnier? Hearing CNN proclaim they couldn't be sure if the photo was of Weiner because the face had been cropped. Yet they say the picture didn't show signs of being manipulated. And there are all those pictures in the background that look like Weiner!

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