Thursday, June 09, 2011

We will fix it with the healing power of laughter.

I'd say it's time for another crisis. Californians have slipped back into full complacency mode. I am often shocked at how many people tell me they feel positive about the economy. Then go right on to say..... but, we need more union jobs.

Which honestly makes a large nuclear explosion go off in my head. My response usually is - well, that just means people will pay more for everything. Right? They usually come back with - oh, I'm willing to pay more.

In my mind I categorise them as dishonest. Because that is what they are. Lairs. Echo chamber flunkies.

They echo the mantra of the time. We need more manufacturing jobs here in America. When I tell them the environmental rules are so harsh, we can't do manufacturing here anymore - they just look at me like I am crazy.

Yet, environmental groups in S. California are suing to stop fireworks shows because they ruin the earth and maybe kill fish. Maybe. Here.

You mean to tell me, we can't have fireworks - but manufacturing is just a-okay?

And while I'm at it! Even if the enviro regs weren't so strict - we need power! Can anyone tell me why advanced nations are trying to erase the industrial revolution by cutting all of our power resources? Germany is cutting all nuclear. Even if it means their citizens suffer through back outs. Japan is obviously thinking that same thing. And President Money Bags, he is right behind them.

California went though rolling back outs for a couple of years, and it is for shit. You never knew if you were going to loose everything in your fridge or not. And that can be a lot of money Yo.

Still the echo chamber rolls on. Just think positive. Good for you.

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