Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Making it rain?

On Sunday we went to our local county faire. Even though I was pretty sure I was running a fever. It wasn't that hot of a day, but I was sweating in weird places. Like under my eyes - and no where else. Just the bottom lid/top of the cheekbone part. I'd never had that happen before.

I'd originally wanted to go because I was going to try the fried ants. But I never got back to that area.

There wasn't really anything of interest - except when we went into one of the out buildings which had a man made waterfall with a reflecting pool. As we crossed the bridge to get to the waterfall you could see people had been tossing coins into the pool. Which is what people do. However.... people had also been tossing singles into the pond. I'd never seen that before and everyone who crossed the bridge was fascinated by it.

I spent more time here than at the whole faire. It's really hard to get shots of money under moving water.

At one point I spotted what at the time looked like a hundy. Which really made me fascinated. One of the guys on the bridge and I were discussing it, and I swear I saw the gears turn in his head. If the place would have been empty, he would have jumped into the pond and gotten that bill.

Once we got home though and was able to view the photos - it's looks to be a fake bill. I do wonder how it was resisting the water damage.

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