Sunday, February 28, 2010

These are my reasons.

I know I do a lot of bitching about the economy and the government lately. Which isn't something I really ever used to do on any great scale. Believe it or not, I put a significant effort into trying to distract myself (and you) from the cluster fuck that is our economy.

Still, you'd have to be half dead to not have this stuff affect you. I was trying to do a distractive activity today, and wound up driving by this building in Santa Clara.

Now, it isn't any secret that there is a ton of open office space in Silicon Valley. On every block. I stopped keeping track of how much. It just sucks.

I grew up in the Valley, and am not even that moved by boom and bust years. It is the way things are around here. Still, the whole weekend made my stomach hurt. Just driving down the 101 - building after building sitting empty.

Yet, when I saw this building up... I didn't even know what to say about that. 385,000 square feet. Which I'm guessing is the whole building.

I couldn't remember who occupied it. But, I did remember taking a picture of the Lady of Peace. 10 months ago Yahoo occupied it.

Some days I fear we aren't going to make it out of this. There are some big buildings empty around here. But, this is a ton of space, just in itself. Some days I just can't hide my anxiety about it. It's all I can say.

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