Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Can - meet - road.

Read this sentence, then I will give you some context.

From the L.A. Times.
"Councilman Jose Huizar suggested that the city balance its books by borrowing more money. And Councilman Bill Rosendahl vowed to protect the city's calligraphers, the handful of artists who design ornate proclamations that elected officials hand out to constituents."

Oh.... for.... shits... sakes! The wheels are about to come off the bus. This is crazy, crazy, game of chicken.

You see. The city of L.A. has finally come to the conclusion they need to start axing people or go bankrupt. And this is the ridiculousness we have to put up with. Who even knew we were paying calligraphers? Don't they have some computer font that might handle that?

With President Money Bags and his "if you've got a better solution, worship tour" perhaps everyone hasn't noticed tax revenue is down. For 4 straight quarters. Don't people elect a president because they think he might have some solutions? Not say "I got nuttin'. What you got"? I mean, I didn't elect him. But if I did! That is what I would have had in mind for someone ruling the free world.

Hoping and praying (if you do that sort of thing) that the economy would miraculously get better hasn't really worked. And now, I guess it is finally time for the "kiss your ass goodbye stage".

Oh shit, really? You haven't noticed that Los Angeles has become almost completely beside themselves the last couple of days. Things are so bad that for every single day they delay booting these people off the payroll they have to lay off 4 more people.

Normally I might feel bad that people are loosing their jobs. But, no one in California seems to understand where money comes from. And, that President Money Bags has put his boot on the people who actually do produce revenue. So what the eff did they think would happen? I guess there is this limitless tub of Obama calligraphy money.

It's a good thing he has that great smile, and I guess is a comedian all of a sudden. Because his ability to bend time and space is about to not work so much.

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