Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flat. Still in.

See - I'm convinced you don't like it because I haven't found the right color for you. What do you think of flat white?

This car was such a pain in the ass to get. They had it under really yellow lights. They should have had it outside. I'm still partial to the red.


  1. Flat is just flat-out UGLY. No matter the color. <*shudders*>

    Well...maybe purple.


    Great shots.

  2. So what I'm hearing you say - is I should keep trying. Ha ha hah. Just kidding. I don't like the white at all. It is hideous. That is a really expensive mercedes and I didn't even realise which one it was because of the paint.

    Really... purple?

  3. Almost everything looks better in purple. ;)