Tuesday, February 16, 2010

That is some kind of amnesia.

Today I went and had some crap burned off my face. Oh yeah. That is how I'm starting this post. It's true.

I had these little bumps that I knew would turn into some giant 3rd baby, and since they were small I figured I'd get them before they left some giant crater sized scar. I figured they would just ice them off.

Oh no. They took a soldering iron to me. The Dr couldn't even see them, yet I could feel them to the touch.

I have a theory that all the ginormous bumps you see on peoples faces started out really small, and before they knew it they were so big that you'd have a huge scar if you removed it. So they just leave them there. And before long they start winking at you.

Anyway. The thing is - that I always forget about the after results of having these things removed. I honestly look like I've been mauled by a large snake. And, since I expected them to be iced I didn't account for how dark burned skin looks. Black sharpy dot dark.

Plus, they are 5 times the size of the actual skin tag I was having removed.

Now I get to walk around for a couple of says with people giving me that sideways look like I have a third eye. Good thing I'm not self conscience.

Oh.. wait.


Miz Minka said...

Stay home and play Bioshock 2 until the Sharpie marks are gone. :)

I got a really bad case of cystic acne in my 20s, and I got so sick and tired of the "looks," or worse yet, the unsolicited advice from complete strangers on how to "fix" my problem. People can be such jerks.

she said: said...

I wish! I think sometimes people just don't think ahead. Like maybe she's been told by just about everyone how to fix stuff.

I am loving Bioshock though. So Atlas Shrugged.