Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome to Wednesday.

I think Wednesdays are just going to be my day to bitch about the gobrnment. If it bothers you - skip Wednesdays. Because honestly, about this time every week the news cycle starts getting to me. I keep having to remind myself it has to be this way. No matter how much pain is involved.

I mean, President Money Bags must get the same data I do. Only more - right? Because today the only thing I can do today is wonder how he is going to react to all the teacher layoffs.

It looks like pretty much every town is laying some off. Some towns are laying them all off. And! How the teacher layoffs are going to deal with him. All I can hear are cries of "what about the children"!. Bleh. Your kids aren't going to be able to get a job anyway.

L.A. got downgraded by S&P today. And you know what they were talking about in the council meetings? Parks. Oh yeah. Parks. I have no idea what it is about people in this state and parks. A lot of them are really shitty.

And then. If that wasn't all unicorns and happiness. Portland is spending 135 mil on putting plants on the side of a building. Yeah. Seriously. They haven't figured out how they are going to landscape yet. But, whatever. Technicalities. You can read about it here.

That is all.


Miz Minka said...

My hometown is laying off a bunch of teachers next school year; several friends of ours are going to be unemployed come June. Our local JC cut hundreds of classes and most adjunct faculty from its budget. Things are not looking up in this county either, that's for sure. Even though I purposely don't watch the news, what's going on in our neck of the woods is plenty depressing.

she said: said...

But - the worst is behind us. (eye roll)

It was unexpected to me that teachers would be hit so hard. It also sets up an interesting dynamic. They are PMB's biggest supporters I would imagine.

Soon enough - we will all be out of jobs. Isn't that what he wants?

Miz Minka said...

One of the soon-to-be unemployed teachers I know is indeed a rabid PMB supporter. With the Prius (she and hubby each drive one!), the bumper stickers, the signs on her front lawn during the election campaign. I haven't talked to her lately, but I'm sure she blames President Bush for all this; she's a die-hard.

Miz Minka said...

Actually, most of the teachers I know are PMB supporters -- all except one, and she's a conservative Christian.

she said: said...

Well - if she is a conservative, she has to be a Christian. Right? It's almost your only choice. Hahahah.

Hey, do they all go to the parking lot with their Prius's and hum the let your love flow song? I was at a car show once and Toyota had people there singing it. And, now I have it stuck in my head. Sucks. I hate when that happens.

Miz Minka said...

Hahaha! Some people are conservative (fiscally and re: gubmint size) but aren't Christian. And many Christians I know are liberals. Go figure. :P

And I'm so glad I don't watch TV! The remake is terrible -- and I thought the original by the Oakridge Boys was barely bearable. But this new version sucks big time. LOL