Saturday, February 27, 2010

It was a strange day.

You have to excuse the pictures today. It started out with a huge amount of anxiety. We were watching Red Eye last night, at like one in the morning, when the news break came in about Chile.

I turned to Mr S. and asked - this isn't a joke right? They break in all the time with fakeish news breaks, and I'd never heard of an 8.8 earthquake. And we'd already planned to spend the day in San Fransisco. Right at the water. And later, at the New Years parade. We decide to go anyway. I mean, they have high and low tides. Still we didn't think it was impossible to have anything happen. Just improbable.

As soon as we got on the road I spot this small funnel cloud. Normally I'd have thought it not possible in this part of California, but not to long ago I saw a youtube video of a small one almost touching down in the town next door.

I didn't get great shots. I had the wrong lens on. It was dirty - as you can see with the dirt specks. By the time I could find a street to turn down it had almost dissipated.

We decided to go to breakfast in Oakland at Louis the Pie Queen. And, the place was packed. I'd never seen it so packed. I'm not sure if it was because they had a new sign on the door which said Yelp loved them. Which they do. Even I've written a review for them. Or if it is because our economy is growing at 6% everyone feels better. Oh yeah. Better than the Hitler Bush years. Whatever.

So by the time we were set to get to the city the first threat of Tsunami had passed.

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