Sunday, February 21, 2010

The stuff legends are made of.

Last time were were up in Sacramento we went to this burger joint called the Squeeze Inn. You can read about the cheese halos here. Last time we waited in line for two hours for a burger. NO I'm not shitting. The place was so charming and retro and quirky. And super small.

Anyway, I knew they were moving because someone was suing them. I figured it was over parking issues. Which was a crapfest. It turned out they got sued for peoples with disabilities issues. I agree everyone should have equal access, but it just sucks they had to ruin such a quirky piece of history.

So, they were forced to move because they couldn't retrofit the building. Now they are over in a strip mall. Whatever.

We decided to not go for lunch. Cleverly we thought we'd go after the car show, and got there at 4:30. To find a line out the door!

Two hours later. We get a burger. The place is nuts. I mean, you make temporary best friends in that line. And, you are BFF's for about two hours. After you get through the line outside, you get inside the doors you still have to wait 45 minutes. And they come out and tell you that. Yet still barely anyone aborts the line. I've never seen anything like it.

The line outside was there the whole time. They apparently closed at 6:00. We left after 6, and there was still a line outside.

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