Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valenspines day.

It has been a really long time since my back has gone out. It used to do so with some frequency. I got up yesterday feeling fine. Then, I apparently did some simple mundane activity. Like breathing.

And, bam I can't turn my head. The frustrating thing is - if it would have happened an hour sooner I could have gone to the chiropractor.

Also frustrating? These things always happening when I'm doing seemingly nothing. I've been wielding a sawsall for two weekends, and I'm completely fine. I can do all sort of menial labor. Nothing happens.

Yet once I lifted my leg to get onto a reclining bike, and I was effed for a week.

Anyway I spent the next hour debating whether I should go to the city. And, if I wouldn't have already paid to get into MacWorld I might have stayed home. But, I of course did what any reasonable person would do. I rode the train to the city and went to an event where I had to turn my head every two seconds.

Anyway, I only saw one thing there that I thought was interesting. Which I will probably post tomorrow. I didn't see anyone fantastic like Kevin Smith.

Today apparently my back is making sure I know who the bitch is here. And, I'm pretty sure it's me.

So, now I'm hanging around the house. Probably playing Bioshock. Which is a bummer because it's beautiful today.

That is all.

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