Friday, February 12, 2010

I don't know why this still shocks me.

I hope to get off this soon, but almost every day now an article comes out about this. I think if everyone would have known how much we were paying these people, this would have come to a stop a long time ago - and our state would not be many billions in the hole.

Let me point out that this would take at least 4 well paid engineers to cover the salary of just one of the 67 of these people making 200 grand+ in SF.

From calfire.blogspot.

"San Francisco Fire Department Chief Joanne Hayes-White is by all accounts good at her job -- and she's well compensated for it. Hayes-White received $293,869.93 for her services in 2009 -- but she's not the Fire Department's top earner.

That honor went to Battalion Chief Johnny Lo. Lo's base pay was $101,164.21, but he took home $53,409.64 in overtime and $139,549.39 in a category called "other pay" (cashed in sick days and vacation time) for a grand earning of $294,123.24.

Joining Lo and Hayes-White atop the $200,000+ plateau were 67 other firefighters -- and not just the SFFD's top brass. Paramedics, investigators, a plumbing supervisor and the "marine engineer of fire boats" all took home more than $200,000, according to a departmental wage list obtained by The Appeal."

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