Saturday, February 27, 2010

It was a strange day. Part 2.

We finally got into the city about 2ish. Found a parking spot right away-ish. The Fort Mason Orchid show was packed. If these people didn't think they were going to die. Well, I was sure I could outrun most of them.

Now let me tell you. I don't know why I go to this thing every year. I pretty much want to kill people right away - in a figurative way of course. This crowd is about the most oblivious on the planet. (Oh wait. I remember. Maybe it is because one year they had orchid urinals at this show. No I'm not shitting you. Go look at the link!)

For example, I'm taking a shot. I'm three feet from my subject. There is a guy standing slightly to the left of me. Yet slight in front. He bends at the waste, to his right. And, manages to get his head between my lens and my shot. Three feet away!

At one point I was actually going to get some video of this happening to other people with large cameras. Yet, oddly, people can't see a gigantic effing lens, yet my little flip video camera that is barely the size of a cell phone, they were all aware of. WTF? Anyway, I grew bored of that game pretty quickly.

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