Thursday, February 18, 2010

I guess we all knew this day would come.

Listen, before I write this post, I already know I'm on a watch list.

No! I'm not paranoid. After I wrote this post, pretty much every government agency known to man has been to my site. It does give me pause when the feds from other countries also come. Like Venezuela and Russia. No joke. I can't figure out why they are wrapped up in the mortgage company. But, whatever.

Anyway. I want to talk about the Austin Plane crash today. In a very cagey way. I guess. Because everyone railing against the government is under suspicion. Right?

After reading why he was mad, I was left wondering. "Who would have thought that guy was a problem". I mean, read the comments of any site these days. Hell - read the comments in the liberal Over the past few months I've been completely surprised at how angry the comments have gotten. Everywhere. Pretty much universally angry. There used to be a healthy 60/40 mix.

If the gobermnt thinks this guy is a random wack job - they are so completely out of touch with the public. People are really, really, mad. Even I am shocked by how mad.

Just yesterday I read an article titled - Anger is Replacing Hope. Out of the Las Vegas Sun. And, every day they prove to us that they don't really "get it". Instead they talk down to us and say we just don't understand.

We do understand. We understand you have no idea how to make the economy better. Unless of course you mean putting people on food stamps. Which I found out yesterday is an economic stimulus. Oh yes. This is actually what our government believes. You can read about it here. States get bonuses for putting people on food stamps. Really.

2 million people will be falling off unemployment very soon. The governments will have to start slashing people from the payrolls. I just don't know how they can put that off any longer.

On one hand you have the Mayor of L.A. sporting around doing soap opera shows. I guess he sees his career is over, and needs to start looking forward to the future. On the other hand, you have Moodys with a big giant pokey stick saying we are downgrading your city. Here. You will have to pay more for borrowing. When they can't even afford the payments they have now.

They are raising taxes on every single thing. People are stretched thin. Did you know Phoenix just passes a 2% food tax? Unless you are on food stamps. Which in convenient. Dont you think?

So, it would seem this may all finally come to a head in a very non favorable way. I mean, what did they expect?

Update - I just want to make clear that I am not a threat. I have a lot of stuff and I like it. How weird is it you have to qualify things that way now?


  1. Yeah, but this Stack guy had stuff too...

    [and just in case: :-) ]

  2. Ha ha hah. Well.. not so much, right? Wasn't it more about all the things he felt were taken from him?

    I don't condone what he did. I'm just sayin' with a little less lunacy, it sounds like a lot of people right now. If I would have seen his words I wouldn't have even thought twice about it. Have you seen the youtube comments these days?

    Besides. I like the IRS. They have been very nice people. And I'm not just saying that. I blogged about it last year. They hit me two years in a row. And, after the blood returned to my body I called them - and they were very reasonable people. It was all very easily sorted out. And, that's me sayin. I didn't owe them any money. So of course I love them. But they were professional too. So...

  3. Umm... How do you know when the gubmint 'bots have visited your site? Are they the "location, country and ISP unknown" type of visits? I don't express my political opinions anymore, but I'm getting some stealth visitors whenever I've read or commented on certain other blogs that I'm pretty sure are on watch lists, even if I'm just commenting on chicken keeping or the weather.

  4. The goberment never obscures their domain names. And if they do, you have much bigger things to worry about.

    So, it will just say they are from That one post has attracted all the agencies. And they come back all the time.

    So..I'm not sure if they are monitoring that one post,or just other people in the same agencies coming to view it.

    It does make you conscience of what you write though. Because they apparently read the net just like you and me. You just don't realize it as much until you write something that piques their interest. The Treasury sat at my site for 30 minutes the other day. It's kind of queeby, but I'm not doing anything wrong so...

  5. OK... So maybe they like reading your blog? They came for the BAC and stayed for your writing? Don't gubmint employees get afternoon work breaks when they can surf the net since they don't smoke anymore?

    I've been reading you for a year, maybe 18 months. I don't remember why I first visited, a link from somewhere, I suppose. But I keep coming back, even occasionally leaving a comment.


  6. If true, that would be fascinating. Still, there are way to many for me to think that were true. ;)

    I do get a kick out of seeing my long time readers though. I like the idea that I still manage to entertain you. Somehow.