Monday, October 06, 2008

Let me interest you in a career with the IRS.

A few days ago I was asking Mr S. where he thought the laid off car sales people would get jobs. "They are sales people" - he said. They will get jobs selling other stuff. "What is there to sell" - I said? They don't have that many transferable skills.. right?

After thinking about it quite a bit, and being the crafty individual I am - I think I've come up with a solution.

They should start training as auditors. With all this money being withdrawn/changing hands, or even countries - I'm betting the IRS is going to be a pretty interesting place for a while. Just say'in.


  1. It's just as easy to sell a hybrid as it is an SUV. Likewise, it's just as easy to sell a rental as it is to sell a mortgage. One may not pay as well as another, but there is always a place for the professional salesman because no matter how tough one part of the economy gets, there are other parts that are booming. The key is being able to recognize and stay ahead of the trends, so that you aren't trying to change careers in midstream. My grandfather was a traveling salesman and seemed to have a different job every month. It's not a life for those who prefer stability, but the best salespeople can do well no matter how tough things get.

  2. Some of my earliest job attempts were in sales. The first one I got fired the same day I was hired. Another time I applied for a sales job. When I showed up at the place it was a funeral home. I went through with the interview. I was never going to take that job, but it was interesting how "salesy" the funeral market is. And not in a good way.