Sunday, October 05, 2008

I'm your puppet!

I'm behind on everything. I don't know how I can have less time than when I'm was busy ripping out a wall or two. But, it certainly feels like it now. Lest you think I'm doing nothing.....this geeky girl is trying to run with the crafty pack.

My favorite blogger in the whole wide world, MDG, and possibly a sibling I didn't know about - created this patch for me. She meticulously embroidered it from one of the pictures on my site.

F-ing amazing isn't it?

Anyway.. my original plan was to iron it on my camera bag. But received strict instructions to not melt the bag. Which was really insightful. I'm not really sure what the bag is made of. I thought it was canvass, but knowing it is generically made in China - it could be some form of Rayon. Or possibly just melamine. The point is... I just don't know.

Without the heads up, I would have been standing there with a hot iron about it place it on the bag, and then realised... ya know what? Maybe this isn't a good idea. Yeah.. I'm a sewing newb!

So, I switched to plan B and just decided to sew it on. My camera bag isn't going to last forever. So, this gives me the option of removing the patch and sewing it on a new bag.

At any rate..I still have all my fingers. For now. The bag is so thick I was sure one of my needles was going to snap in half and jab right into a digit.

Since I once had a sewing needle stuck halfway into my leg - I don't really want that. It's possibly the reason I didn't take a keen liking to sewing when I was younger. But, I can try new stuff!

Now I have to figure out if my machine has the right needles to sew a bag this tough.


  1. Haha!! I'm glad to see that you're using your totally cute quilting pins. Your machine can probably handle it, but you need the right needle. Look for a needle that says heavy duty. The patch is extra touch because of the therm-o-bond. If you can peel that away you'll have an easier time of it.

    Oh, you shame me. I've been too busy with my daughter-geek to post about your gift to me! Must get on that right away. I have plans.

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