Friday, October 24, 2008

I've never been so excited about a yeast infection in my life.

I'm going to come right out and say that my coping mechanisms are completely broken. But, evidence suggests I'm not alone. When I get drunk dialing calls from people I'm barely even associated with - I'm guessing people are having a hard time.

The caller whom I know... was batshit drunk and threatening to loose his mind. Mr S. felt bad for the guy and wanted to call him back. I proclaimed loudly "I'm tired of being the worlds babysitter. He isn't dying, he's just fucked up. Let him figure his shit out". Of course, maybe it wasn't the nicest thing I could have ever done.

But, I present this. My land line is very close to a doctors office number. So, we get a ton of old people trying to get a hold of the doctor. As if that isn't enough - he does something that causes people to call and leave messages about their loved ones being in the emergency room. So.. of course, I need to call those people back and tell them they've dialed wrong. Which I hate. Mostly because it makes me think about grief, which I've been trying my whole life to block out. I've filled my quota. I just don't want to deal with it. But, I'd be a complete asshole if I didn't.

Next, I'm done with taking care of peoples f-ing dogs. You know what? I love dogs. But, I'm so tired of having to deal with them. I owned dogs the whole time I was growing up. And you know what? My dogs never got out. They used to have a kushy lives in the house. Our dogs were never getting hit. Our dogs were never jumping fences into the neighbors yards. OUR DOGS WERE NEVER BARKING ALL THE TIME PISSING OFF THE NEIGHBORS.

So, when one of the neighbors dogs got out the other day, I resisted helping. For 20 minutes I watched a neighbor from down the way, try to get this dog back into the back yard. Finally I gave in and went to help. What do we get? Well, Mr S. got nipped. And normally that isn't a big deal. It is a dog for f's sake. But when the guy got home and I told him his dog was out, and had nipped Mr S., the neighbor didn't even express concern. F him. And F all the dogs getting out. I'm not going out of my way for another one of them. None of them are grateful someone helped to make sure their dog didn't get run over. If they don't care. I don't care.

Lest you think my titles are back on the suckiest path ever. I was forced to take Paisley to the vet today. It was one of those things that my junky(as in drug addicted) rabbit couldn't get her meds until I had a checkup. It had been a year, and her allergies were flaring up in an annoying way. Turns out her little vagina of a neck has a secondary yeast infection. So while she is still having allergies, the yeast infection is probably making things worse. So, now I'm having to put something quite like monostat 7 on her chin. No shit.

But, at least I have a problem I can tackle. Rather than a random I'm allergic to air kind of shit.

Lastly - I suck for not replying to my commenter's. I'm sorry. Coping mechanisms and all. Feel glad you even got this update. I'll get back on track though, because I do appreciate that you even bother to stop by and take time to post your thoughts.


  1. Boy, and Keyser thought receiving death threats from enraged fans of Tony Orlando was what constitutes a bad day! This post made Keyser laugh--but in a sympathetic sort of way, of course.

    When Keyser was small, his father used to say that virtue is its own reward. Keyser Sr. meant this in an entirely sarcastic way, but in fact Keyser has found it to be true. It certainly is aggravating if people don't acknowledge the good you've done them, but doing good is its own reward. And remember that it's not the dog's fault that its owner is an asshole!

    As for responding to comments, Keyser thinks that's not a blogger's obligation. Just taking the trouble to write a post that other people find interesting is service enough.

    Hope the bunny gets better!


  2. I have to agree with Keyser, responding to comments is over and above the call of duty. Also I have to say, I would have totally appreciated the help with my dog. I have runners that just don't have the room to run in my yard, so when they escape, they're off. So, since you have such an F for a neighbor, "Thank you" from the dog.