Friday, October 03, 2008

I wasn't the only one.

I spent the day getting ready for the storm. Oh yes! You heard me.


  1. Surely, the bees and the butterflies go about their business regardless of whether there's a storm coming!

  2. Dearest Keyser, where do butterflies go when it rains? I'm serious. I don't know. For a butterfly can not bear the weight of the skies tears. No?

    Curiously yours,

  3. Butterflies "know" that storms are bad news for them, so when it gets dark (or windy or there's a light rain), they head for their nighttime roosts, which is basically on the underside of suitable plants/leaves or some appropriate man-made item like a basket.

    We humans are made of sterner stuff, so we don't have to be so leery of storms. As for metaphorical storms of the financial variety, it's often the case that by the time you figure out that it's a sufficiently strong one to necessitate heading for shelter, it's already too late.

    Sorry to bear bad news,

  4. Ha! That was enjoyable. Well played Keyser Soze. Well played

    P.S. Love my Sciam link. Thanks!