Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I can't get my 911 on.

I've been trying to provide you with stories that distract you from what is going on in the world. This is sheer restraint on my part. Mostly I want to organise a congo line of people to punch politicians in the throat. So... I give you this:

I have called 911 exactly two times in my life. Once when I hit that dog, and once last night. Yes.. I know 911 is not for dog hitting. I know this now. I was panicked. I'd never hit anything before.

But - car vs. bike! Now we are talking.

I happen upon this scene, and was amazed I didn't see any police. The accident was still in the middle of the street. There weren't any bodies laying on the ground. I debate calling 911. Don't get all bent. If I would have seen blood I there wouldn't have been a second thought. Since there wasn't, and everyone on the planet has cell phones, it took me a minute to decide on whether I needed to call. But, I do call.

The problem is.. I apparently can't get to 911 on my cell phone. The service is blocked or something. But, as this was happening - I flashed back to my dog hitting day and realised the same thing happened that day too. I couldn't get my phone to connect to 911. After the emergency - it is one of those things that slips out of your mind. I'm never going to have to call 911 again. So I'd completely forgotten about it.

I was able to call my husband and get him to call the police.

Later that day I was laughing with him about it. Man, I hope I'm able to get a hold of you every time I have an emergency that needs 911 - I say.

The thing that really sucks is, you can't just test out calling 911 to see why your phone isn't able to connect. When you finally get it to work, what do you say to the 911 operator? "Um.. I'm just testing my phone to see if I can reach 911"? Lame.


  1. I hate to be all - try this and all but you should just be able to hold down your 9 key.

  2. No - that was really helpful. Better than what I had before - which was nothin. Thanks!