Monday, October 27, 2008

All things status.

I have a love hate relationship with large crowds of people. Mostly, I hate them. Having said that - I think there is something uniquely interesting about them. Each one is just different enough to inspire fascination.

Take this weekend for example. Mr S. and I needed to engage in high escapism. Something to make my urge to punch people in the neck slightly less intense. So, we decided we were going to a craft fair. We aren't really crafty people. But, you saw where I wanted to punch people in the neck. Right?

Plus... I thought I might find something interesting for my crafty girl, and make it worth having gummy bears sent from Germany. You know who you are. Anyway.. I digress.

The craft fair was in a snooty rich district. Sort of a "new" money place. I don't really know much about this area, other than everyone I know in the housing arena says the houses are built cheaply. Which has always struck me as odd because nothing there lists for under a mil.

At any rate, we just wanted to get away from the news cycle, and the fair was boasting a glass pumpkin patch. The prospect of interesting glass will make me go crazy places. It's an illness.

We were at the fair about 3 minutes when I asked Mr S. "what is with all these poodles"? But, I figure rich people probably love poodles. As we walked deeper into the fair - a trend started popping out at me. This town looked to be the most dog friendly place on the planet. I would have guessed there was one dog per 20/30 people. Big dogs, small dogs. And People - all these dogs were perfectly quaffed. Clean. Newly brushed. Not a hair out of place. It was like the Westminster dog show. Not to mention, a bunch of them were dressed up in Halloween costumes. Which was pretty cute.

Now, California is pretty dog friendly - so having dogs at these things isn't unusual. But, the amount of perfectly groomed dogs certainly stood out. It was so unusual to me - that later in the day, I had to ask Mr S. if he thought the dogs were a form of status symbol for those people. I guess it takes a lot of money to maintain a perfect dog.

At least it seemed like people cared about them. Even if they did seem like an accessory. I did find the whole thing fascinating though.


  1. Is that poodle humping that lady's leg?

    More importantly, did you buy me something?!

  2. I too want to know about the humping poodle. And to say that those pumpkins were beautiful.corimet

  3. That is funny - it didn't even click with me that it looked like it was humping her leg. But it does.

    No - these rich people have trained their poodles to walk like people.

    Just kidding.. I don't know what that poodle is doing.

    MDG - I tried really hard to find something interesting for you. I'm not sure those people knew the difference between a craft festival or an art festival. A craft festival to me is a place you can buy stuff to make other stuff with. Right?

    There was just art. And dogs. Maybe it was a dog festival.

  4. OK, and now I looked closer at the picture. WHAT is in that guy's pants? Or are his glutes *THAT* big?