Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It doesn't affect me.

I have to admit.. I'm slightly perplexed to why the votes are running 95/5% against the bailout. Sure.. everyone hates it. I predict this will change in the next month. Now, news of car showrooms closing are just starting to hit the news. And when people start complaining about the loss of jobs - other people will say "people just didn't want to buy cars". Which is holy untrue. People can't buy cars.

I serve this as evidence. A few days ago.. or maybe a week, Mr S. sent me an email saying that the Chrysler dealership we'd bought our car through was going out of business. He and I had a brief conversation about it. Later that day I asked him "did you read the fine print on that email"? What - he said? Yeah.. did you see the requirements - I said. A fico score of 700. With 30% down.

Personally, even when I bought my first car way back in the day - I could have never afforded that. Or had that fico score to make it happen.

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