Friday, October 10, 2008

I overachieve - because I can.

To tell you the truth, I thought it was pretty much impossible these days to cut yourself badly with a razor. They have all those blades tightly spaced together. I figured even someone trying to commit suicide would eventually give up in frustration. You'd have to try pretty hard to do much damage. You almost need to make a sawing motion.

As a matter of a fact, other than a minor nick - the only real injury I've had with razors is once in my younger days while I was still a beach bum. I decided to shave when it was cold. Which resulted in shaving off of all my goosebumps. Then in my youthful stupidity I decided to wash my legs in the ocean. Good fun times people. Good fun times.

Anyway...the other day, I cut myself (on the back of my calf no less - not even a boney spot). I didn't think much about it. Until the blood came. It was a gusher. I'm not even sure exactly how I did it. But, I managed to cut a one inch gash in my leg. Yeah.. it takes talent people. After I figure out I'm not going to need stiches after all - I find myself slapping on a three inch bandaid.

Now, I don't really think of myself as an accident prone person. But, as I was searching my two (count them - two) shopping bags of band aids, I started to think there might be something seriously wrong with this house. I mean.... who has two shopping bags of band aids? It isn't right.

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  1. Oh, you definitely have to take better care of yourself. Otherwise, who will read the Lair?