Saturday, October 18, 2008

They conspire against me.

I was going to do a bunch of stuff today. I just couldn't get my act together. Long time readers of the blog may remember that I'm an insomniac. Some periods are more controlled than others. Right now, I'm struggling a bit. Also not helping? My little burglar alarms. The bunnies.

Over the last month, Mr S. and I have been loosing quite a bit of sleep to them. We've even set up schedules. If they wake us up before 3 - I go down and try to figure out what is wrong. If it's after 3am, he goes down. Like children people!

It isn't that uncommon for them to alert us to something they don't like. Sometimes I've left my cell phone out, and Paisley hates the light blinking. Or, Mr. S leaves a shirt on the couch, which makes her freak out. She is the most problematic. I mean pathetic. Usually it is a simple fix that solves the problem and quiets her down. Usually.

Once at the old house we went through a period of them waking us up. It turned out a cat was living in the garage. The bunnies are very particular about their surroundings, and will alert to anything they deem abnormal. Once we kicked the cat out, things returned to normal. And, we got to sleep. Which is the most important part.

Anyway.. back to current. Many nights this month they've been stamping. And it isn't just crap you can ignore. They will stamp until you get your ass up and make them feel better. It is completely annoying. I have a hard enough time trying to stay asleep as it is. But, last night I was up again. I decided to just lay down on the floor with Saffron - who was the one doing the stamping. My back had been bothering me, so I thought I'd just sleep there a little bit. So, I pulled up a blanket and went to fall asleep. It was clear she was still not happy. She was grunting, and still stamping. Normally their pampered little asses are fine once they see one of us. When I went to ask her what the hell was up her butt, I could see a shadowy figure on the patio.

Ah.. a cat I thought. Stamping explained. Now I can go back to bed. But, it wasn't a cat. It was an opossum. And he wasn't just passing through. He lurked the backyard for about a half an hour. I'd guess this is the cause of this months bunny hysteria. Now, I have to figure out a way to get rid of it. I don't know how much more sleep I can loose.

If I trap it, I'd have to take it somewhere. But, I'd have to buy a trap. Then I'd have to store the trap. I don't know what I'm going to do about this animal, but it is annoying me right now.


  1. Rachel Lucas can send Maggie over and you'll have no possum. You'll have no bunnies either, so maybe not the best solution.

    Who knew bunnies were so tempermental. Or is it just your spoiled ones?

  2. Looks like Keyser can inform Mrs. S. that there is in fact something more annoying on earth than cats wanting breakfast or to go out at 5 in the morning.

  3. MDG - na. I think they are hardwired for it somehow. Every once in a while you hear a story of a bunny alerting an owner of someone breaking into a garage. Or warning of a fire. I think at night it is easier for them to figure out what isn't normal. There isn't as much traffic and noise. So, at night their paranoia comes out more easily. They are a fear based animal.

    Most of the time you can placate them. But, the only experience I've had with opossums is once when I came home to my apartment after drinking one night. It was in the middle of my stairwell. And it (the opossum) was a complete asshole. I don't think it liked the idea of me stepping over it. So, I had to get management to remove it so I could get to my place. A dog would definitly help. I mean, I can't control a dog chewing the head off a opossum. Right?

    Keyser - Glad to help!

  4. I am pretty sure a conservation agency will let you use a trap of theirs, or just trap it for you. I could be wrong, but that may help out. Sorry about the timing I have...