Saturday, August 02, 2008

I guess we know how much the market will bear.

Gas prices have come down about 30 cents in the Bay Area. When I first left this morning I filled up at 4.17 a gallon. This apparently is the difference between empty freeways, and - this freeway is miserable.

I thought there would be some gradual ramping up to normal. But, there isn't. Proving once again there are no happy mediums in life.

I'm also surprised by my own reaction to the traffic. Two weeks ago I became suddenly fearful of the economy. Panicky in fact. It was clear gas prices had put halt on the economy. Like popping your emergency brake while doing 50.

I couldn't even enjoy the lack of crowds because the things that put a roof over my head are dependant on people spending money. I feel better about the economy - but I oh so hate the crowds.

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