Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is so wrong!

I wouldn't call myself an adventurous eater. Not that I would call myself a bland eater either. Put hot peppers and garlic in it.. and I might skirt the line.

Anyway, a while back I got it in my head I wanted to try one of those deep fried twinkies. And, every since - I've been on this twinkie quest. I can't explain why. I actually don't even like twinkies.

As an adult - I've never eaten a twinkie. I've never secretly had a craving for a twinkie. But for some reason making it deep fried seems like something you have got to try. Once. You know.. so you can mark it off the list. Sort of a dare.

I wouldn't even say I'm that into deep fried food. I assure you.

Sure, I love some cheese sticks - but when I went to the Midwest I thought I'd die from some sort of deep fried induced poisoning. Nevertheless, here I am forcing Mr. S into street fairs where I can obtain the secret fried twinkie. The precious. It's disturbing. And, something I might need to seek help for.

Anyway.. earlier this week I ran across something even more horrifying.

Oh.... yes.... I.... did!

Chocolate covered bacon. Yep. You heard me.

I'm just glad I don't get out to Santa Cruz that often. I'm not sure I could resist the gravitational pull. I like chocolate.. and I like bacon. I'm not sure I like them together. But, it does sound better than deep fried twinkies.

What's the worst thing you wanted to try?


  1. I once had a deep fried Mars bar. But actually I only ate a tiny bite because once I cut into it, it just looked way too much like diarrhea to eat. It was the most revolting food item I have ever looked upon.

  2. That paints a descriptive picture. I can see that as being a problem.

  3. What? We don't haven't yet fully plumbed the depths of the art of gastronomic suicide? We are bored by our usual methods?

    I thought marshmallow fluff was one of the scariest food-type product around, but chocolate-covered bacon just might be a contender.

    I don't know that I have a worst thing that I've wanted to try; however, there have been things that I have inflicted upon others.
    For example, as a kid I used to love pickles. My brother's younger than I am and had phases where he wanted to play with me all the time -- which, of course, I never wanted to do -- he was too young. So, one day, I was over my friend's house and we got the great idea to make a popsicle from the leftover pickle juice. After it had frozen, neither of us really wanted to try it -- being grossed out. And who would happen to come along but my brother, wanted to play with us.

    So, we said we would -- if he ate the dreaded Pickle Pop.

    How evil am I? :)

  4. There's actually a market for the Pickle pop now.
    If only you knew right?

    I think that there were deep fried pickles at the last fair we went to, but neither of us dared to eat them.
    I almost tried chocolate dipped dried squid/cuttlefish, but couldn't bring myself to do it.

  5. If you watch the pickle pop vid without sound - it actually makes you a little queasy.

    Looks a little too much like bile.

    Thats not right. Both of you! Not right!