Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nvision '08 - Part 3.

Wednesday was the more interesting day.

We got to the show a little late. When we got into the building I realised I forgotten my badge in the car. Mr S. went on to stand in line. I went back to the car. When I finally met up with him he tells me "it's a good thing we split up - they are only letting a hundred people into the meet and greet". We were now about 25 people from the front. I start figuring out the lighting. Often in these situations you have about 10 seconds - so you need to have your act together. So I furiously start taking test shots.

We make our way up to the front, get some t-shirts signed. I get one shot. And it's all over.

The show is at 3. So, we get lunch and try to decide how we are going to burn an hour and a half. We start out thinking we might go to the Tech Museum. But, we want to get good seats. And - it is a million degrees in San Jose that day. So we decide to go and just get in line for the event. People are already queuing up. Mr S. thinks we should start going up levels to see if we can get a better place in line.

We wind up in the balcony level. No one is there except the lighting guys for the show. We are trying desperately to not get kicked out - because we know we technically aren't suppose to be there. So, we start catching up on blogs on our phones. Being as quiet and unobtrusive as we can. When the lighting guys walk by - neither of us even look at them. Nothing to see here folks. We are just a part of the furniture.

We burn about an hour. When one of the ushers comes in. Crap! She's kicking us out. I am as polite and nice as I can be as I tell her we are being quiet and respectful. Then I ask her if we can stay. She is really nice, but tells us we have to go. But if we hurry we might be able to get front row seats.

Mr S. makes a stop, and I start to go down levels to get in line. On the second level - all the game players are having a meeting, or are queuing up. I'm not sure which. At any rate.. I'm not getting close seats there. So, I go down another level. The line has started to get long. But, they have the two levels roped off so people can't go up to the second floor. Which means I'm sort of trapped. When Mr S. meets up with me I tell him I think the ushers will be focused on the crowd, and we can walk behind them and go down the corridor to the seats. Which is what happens.

Now, we are pretty much at the front of the stage seating. There are a couple of people in front of us. This is where we begin to wait.

After about 15 minutes some of the game chicks to the back of us start to bitch. They've been up for 36 hours. They want to be seated. No one really pays much attention to them, until one of them approaches the usher holding back the crowd and asks her when they will start seating us. The usher doesn't know. This is where the girl gets all bitchy on the usher and says roughly the following "way to not take responsibility for your job".

This gets a reaction from those of us in the front. Clearly the usher is just doing her job. None of the other doors are letting people in either. The guy next to us says something about the girl being spoiled.

Finally they let us in.

Since my pictures can never describe what they did. Here are links for your enjoyment. Part 1, 2, 3. Gizmodo link with better slomo.

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  1. oh, they are just so cute!!!
    I hope that it was worth it for you.