Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The randomness of bonds.

When I first moved into this house, the neighbors directly in front of us were the first to tell me about our neighbors. They said - your neighbor to your right is weird and eccentric. They deemed the guy next to them also weird and they thought he listened to their conversations. Early on, it seemed like us and the gossipy neighbors would have a neighborly bond. We are techies. One of them worked in high tech. An instantaneous bond! Right?

Well.. not so much.

The neighbor to my right has turned out to be the most perfect neighbor ever. She's friendly, doesn't do anything annoying. And, the other guy they pegged as weird has turned out to be the one we like the best. Sure.. he still lives with his mom and plays World of Warcraft. But whatever.

We grew to like the gossipy neighbors the least. Go figure - they are super nosey. No one could have seen that coming. No one!

This story has a direction. I swear.

Anyway.. when my roofer needed a place to live, and we needed someone to rent our crapshack - I liked the idea of renting to him mostly out of spite. You see - except for remodeling the place - the crapshack had been empty for at least a year. And I got the feeling that one neighbor liked it that way.

I got reports that when people viewed the house he'd be out playing loud music working on his beat up old Pinto. Sure he had a nicer car - but for some reason that old Pinto was always being worked on. I still don't even think it's ever moved outside of his garage.

Anyway.. I was sure my roofer was going to annoy this guy. Let me describe my roofer. BMW driving, body hair shaving, jar headed, bar hopping yuppie. Oh.. did I mention he is a loud guy? Super loud.

Pinto guy on the other hand is married with teenagers. Stuck in the 70's. Barely hangs onto a job. And the love of his life is a Pinto.

I figured it will be perfect. If the one neighbor wants to play loud music, my roofer is more loud, and can take him down a peg.

Well.. what do you suppose happens in this story?

That's right! They become friends.


  1. I'm telling ya, the PA snark just never works.

  2. Awwww...man! I hardly ever get to actually be passive aggressive. And when I do.. you're right. It never works. Sucks.

    Still - it feels good for a minute.. and then it's sort of funny in the end. Sort of.