Friday, August 29, 2008


Some of this things I found most interesting about the show was....the 3D stuff.

Sure. They have been promising us 3D since the 70's. It is one of those things you thought would have taken off years ago - but never did. So you stop paying attention to any of the fantastical claims. I blame the glasses. Which begs the question - how much does it suck for people who wear glasses to then have to put on 3D glasses over them? I've never found the 3D glasses fit well.. and I don't even wear glasses.

Anyway.. this is why I was completely caught off guard when they showed some 3D demos that made me think 3D is getting back on track. I was barely paying attention - almost in a full eye roll, when I stopped in my tracks and became fully engaged. The first such item was a 3D game demo. Which of course I can't show you. It's impossible to take 3D photo's.

At any rate - you must take my word for was actually pretty great. It was a very simple war game. Not one of those goofy 3D driving games. But to see the mortars being fired into the air in 3D was actually very intriguing. It was one of those things that if you would have told me a 3d game would be interesting I would have called bullshit. But - it wasn't.

The other thing was this on day 3. Again.. me - not paying attention. So my shots aren't that great...and I don't even know who it is. Note.. this demo did not need 3D glasses. It started out with what looked like a flat sheet of paper, and as the guy moved the paper - mountains started rising from the paper. Then a waterfall cascaded off the paper. At one point he even brushed his hand through what looked like water cascading off the paper. Very neat.

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