Wednesday, August 20, 2008


My first impulse was to not post about this until after the event was over. I can't control what happens at these things. Sometimes they turn out stellar. Sometimes they suck. Initially it looked like the latter might be true. But, now I'm pretty excited.

First - the Mythbusters guys will be there. And....that.... totally rocks.

Second - There's the chick from Battlestar Galactica. Which BTW - I'm not even a fan. But, I know a bunch of my readers are. I read your blogs. The truth is - I've seen every episode. So maybe I'm a closet fan.

Alright.... alright. That's not true either. Sometimes in a marriage you have to watch crap you hate to score up equity for the stupid insane bullshit you want to watch. I know! I just lost half my readership. I just get bored with them driving around in circles trying to find earth. And I don't really get the whole Cylon/Human plot.

All the same - I'm a little excited the Battlestar Galactica chick will be there.

And last - I'm kinda excited about Buzz Aldrin.


I know nothing interesting has happened in space for a while. Our country has crippled any new space exploration outside of robots just because a few people burned up in the atmosphere. Which is kind of sad. Sure, Nasa is a money sucking vortex - but when they were doing interesting stuff - it made the country excited and hopeful.

This is what makes seeing one of the people who actually set foot on the moon a little exciting to me. Perhaps he will be one of the last humans to ever get to the moon for all we know.

Anyway.. stay tuned.

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  1. Oh! OH!!! Mythbusters and BGalk!! Seriously jealous here, now. I hope that it turns out to be as good of a time as you anticipate.

    I'm with you on the TV watching compromises too. We have ever only had one TV hooked up to cable, so we've always had to share. I'll uncomplaingly watch any amount of PGA golf, if it means that I can have comment/complaint free Masterpiece Theater or Project Runway time. Luckily we're all really tolerant about eachother's viewing tastes. Though I have to say Hannah Montana gets old fast. No big surprise there.

    Can't complain too much about BGalak though. Helo and Apollo are pretty darn hot.