Thursday, August 07, 2008


It has been really hard to find interesting stuff to post about. Don't get me wrong - there is lots of stuff going on. Just none of it seems interesting. I spent the better part of a month wanting to evict my new tenant. No shocker. Not interesting. The election? Fully saturated. A pox on all their houses. The housing market and economy? Whatever.

I did make a meager attempt at planning for a new project. But so far - no news. It feels like a quarter of the bloggers fell off the ride. Can people not afford the Internet anymore? Or is this just normal seasonality?

I do have a few things coming up this month. Normally, I'm not into teasing my stories, but.. what are you gonna do?

A somewhat interesting thing happened a couple of days ago. We got some cast off from the Texas hurricane. Mr S. And I were up on the deck watching in relative excitement at the rain in the upper atmosphere. I know it is too dry for anything to reach the ground. But a girl can hope can't she?

Anyway.. as the sun was setting I could barely see this rainbow. You couldn't make out any of the colors. Just that it existed. I really had to crank my fstops to capture it. So the colors are slightly exaggerated. However - once the sun fully set the sky became a brilliant orange.

These colors are photo realistic.

Anyway.. it was kind of interesting because I didn't really think you could get a rainbow at sunset. I figured the sun was too low in the sky. But apparently you can.

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  1. For a rainbow, all you really need is water drops in the air and sunlight shining from behind you at a low angle. (That explains why you rarely see them at noon.)

    You can also get them in mist (you've see this with a hose), and sometimes with reflected light. The latter may explain your sunset rainbow; it's hard to have the sun behind you as you watch the sunset.