Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nvision '08.

It isn't the usual kind of show I go to. Normally the things I like to attend have a large show floor with all sorts of things to make my ADD flare up. This was like a several day company meeting. A really great company meeting as far as company meetings go. But, there was a lot of sitting around. Waiting. And listening to people talk. This isn't to say there weren't some interesting tidbits.

Day one was actually so uneventful - I found my mind taking to take stock of how many women were there. It was a bleak showing from the chicks. Mr S. and I always have a debate about how many women play video games. I've always contended that lots of girls play these days. He says not. Judging by the turn-out.. he's right. I'd say the ratio was 95/5 to the mens side. Weak!

Anyway.. you never know how events are going to be structured - so we got in line early to see Tricia Helfer. It was suppose to be a meet and greet. She was there signing shirts. The fan boys got to be all fan boy-ey. Meaning she spent a little time talking to the guys who came through the line while she was signing shirts, pictures, or other stuff people brought.

Which I thought was really nice. She could have just conveyor belted everyone through without saying too much. But she didn't. Very nice.

Buzz Aldrin wasn't suppose to be at the show until 6pm. It was still only noon at this point. So we had a lot of time to kill.


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