Sunday, August 17, 2008

Always pursued - but never achieved.

Fried twinkies = 0

I found myself at a rib cook-off this weekend. Secretly hoping to find twinkies.

It was pathetically small. They didn't even have a garlic fry stand. Who invites the public and doesn't even sell garlic fries? I've had bigger BBQ's in my back yard.

There were about 5 stands selling ribs and stuff. Mostly ribs. We chose Tex-ass, and Chicago. Chicago was clearly the winner. Tex-ass was pretty dry and over cooked.

In the Chicago round - we sat next the some really nice older ladies. I called them the BBQ groupies. We were making polite conversation with them about who's ribs they liked best. When they told us the the rib cook-offs go from town to town. They apparently were going to the next one in Sparks Nevada.

Yeah! BBQ groupies. I guess everything has groupies these days.

Anyway.... all I got were these pictures. Hey! It's not great. But it's all I've got.

I'm not sure why this guy was there. It didn't really seem like the basketball crowd. Plus, he was a little far from home. Not to mention he had to be out of his mind! It was only in the high 80's, but everything was on blacktop - which made it feel like 95 degrees. His face was all covered, and he was acting like Disco Stu. He must have dropped 10 pounds in water weight that day.

What else are you gonna wear to a rib-off?

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