Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well... I thought I'd give you an update on Jane Doe. This is how she's looking now.

Most of her hair has grown in. I think it would have grown in quicker - but they gave her some savage razor burn.

I thought it would bother me more. Having a one eyes pet and all. Yes.. I'm that shallow. But - it's actually turning out fine. It is so much nicer to not have the constant stress of which day is going to be "the day" we need to rush her to emergency. Or the thought in the back of your mind you'd wake up one morning and the eye had exploded. We of course were managing her - but everything with bunnies happens fast.

I even took the stitches out myself with Mr. S holding her. Because, I'm back to thinking I can perform surgery.

Stitches - apparently not as easy as I thought to remove. It took me three days.

We also found out that Willow isn't dependant on her at all. He was completely "meh" about being without her for two weeks. Apparently he's not that into her! We found it kinda sad. They've been together for years, and he basically ignored her for days after we put them back together.

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