Saturday, July 19, 2008

For the art crowd.

To tell you the truth - I'm not much into art. I mean... it's fine. Nice to look at. Just not my thing. But, I loves me some blown glass!

So we went to the Chihuly exibit today. I have stories - but for now..... pictures.

I did get pictures of the ceiling without people. But, I was oddly fascinated with people taking pictures with their arms completely outstretched. It wasn't the habit itself, but the amount of people doing it. It just looked odd. All these people with arms over their heads.


  1. Well, holy crap, Chihuly is fracking awesome!
    When I was in college, he was a visiting artist. I just happened to be taking glass that semester, and I got to see him work his magic (well, direct the magic).

    I think that his art is truly beautiful and surprising. Glass can only be blown in in several predictable forms. Granted there are many varieties to those forms. But he takes it in a whole different direction.'re taking me back to my younger days.

  2. That bottom one reminds me of Medusa.

    I've never heard of the guy and never seen glass blown like that, but it's obvious he's got talent.

  3. We have a Chihuli sculpture hanging in the library at the college I went to. It isn't my favorite work of his (I like the ones you took photos of much more), but I am still in awe of it every time I go there.

  4. I've never heard of him either but some very cool stuff there. Beats the heck out of the standard blown glass paperweight.