Wednesday, July 16, 2008

That has got to be a really bad idea.

I've been in some drama the last couple of days. I've been debating talking about it on the blog - because when I tell you, I know you'll gasp.

Get it out of the way now. Yes! Before you know what it is. I have to prepare you. I'll wait.

For the record, I know this sounds like a bad idea. I'm sure it will end in something horrible. Got it. Having said that - I also know that I can't -not- talk about it forever. I might as well set the ground story and move forward.

This is what it is. I've become a landlord. My roofer is living in my crapshack. Partly due to the real estate market, and partly because my roofer all of a sudden is going through a messy divorce. Back story here.

I could have rented the house to almost anyone. You literally can not find a rental in my city. But we chose him because he is a metro yuppy roofer. Well.. maybe that's not accurate. We chose him because the house he and his wife used to own was perfectly maintained. A big beautiful house with copper gutters. Which is completely not normal for this climate. That should tell you something. I have about as good of a chance of him f-ing it up as anyone.

Anyway, much of the week has been taken up by anxiety of having to make someone who is a quasi friend sign a lease agreement. Yeah... I lawyered up. He was fine about it, but it was just all shades of awkward for me. I wanted to say "I trust you - you'd never screw me". But, I have trust issues.

Oh! Did I mention - when I said "messy divorce" he and his wife had just pulled restraining orders on each other? No? Yeah.. I'm mentioning it now.

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