Saturday, July 05, 2008

Not for the squeemish.

Today we went out to see Jane. I think this might be only the second time in recorded bunny history that we've left anyone. So, even though I knew she'd be all drugged up, I thought it's make her feel less depressed and a little more secure we were coming back to get her.

She looked a little worse than I expected. I can understand why they keep them for a couple of days. The shaving makes her look like she has a Cinnamon babka on her eye. The cone is driving her crazy. Plus, I'm a little concerned her gut isn't moving the way it should because she isn't able to eat until they take it off. So instead of grazing all day, she overall is eating less often.

Willow her mate seems to be handling the whole thing really well. We thought he might get depressed. Jane is not his first mate, but he is really dependant on her. But we gave him a towel that smells like her.. and he seems completely fine.

It's been stressful, but overall I haven't freaked out. Well, until this morning when we got an early call from the vet. He was just calling to say everything was fine. But it was unexpected, so Mr S. and I both thought Jane had caved overnight. Bunnies turn feet up really quickly. But, she made it through the first 24 hours.. and it looks like they are giving her round the clock care.

The next bit should be all about the cone. Which should be interesting. In a sarcastic way.


  1. Poor Jane. :-( She *is* still very cute, even doped and missing her right eye...

    And poor you - I'd be a wreck if one of my pets was in such bad shape. I'm glad you're holding up OK so far.

  2. Oh, that cone. It looks like a high school science experiment gone sadly awry.

    "Add 500mL bunny to...."

    Didn't have your bunnies watch Muppets, eh? "I want to be Beaker!"

    The next Dread Pirate Roberts....
    "My name is Bunnito Snarktoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!"

  3. Poor thing. I hope it gets better soon.

  4. She looks awful puny....not fit for frying , bit I'm thinking mighty flavorful in a stew.

  5. Oh no - she's plenty fat. But, if stew is your thing - you should have caught us earlier. You could have gotten the eyeball as a delicious flavor packet.