Friday, July 18, 2008

It's obvious we are on the top of the food chain.

I know the blog has been a little light the last couple of weeks. Hold on. I should have something interesting for you this weekend.

For now though, I'll tell you about how I still hate people.

With people staying closer to home and spending less money - you would think I would be in a much more tolerant place. Yeah.. not so much. Even I'm amazed that people could become more annoying in a down economy. It's like they are being paid to loiter in public places to make the world seem busier than it actually is. I mistakenly think - if less people are spending money, I should be able to get through lines more quickly. The opposite has been the case, and right now I just want to punch a few of them in the throat.

Like the guy at the office supply store that waited until he was completely rung up to ask the checker if they had batteries. Mind you I have one item, and I'm paying cash. But, I had to wait for this guy to go half way across the store to choose batteries. I swear to you - I had fantasies of beating him with my ream of paper. When he hot back, he didn't even say sorry for holding up the line.

Or the people who insist on walking down the middle of the driving isle in parking lots. Even though they've seen you. The seem incapable of crossing to one side or the other so I can drive past them. They don't even f-ing speed up or anything.

One of my new projects is going to be getting cell phone video of these people. Which seems super lame. But, I just can't believe how oblivious people have become to cars in the last few years. You have to see it to believe it. I swear to you - today while I waited, this old guy walked 300 feet down the middle of the isle to his car.

If there were any animals that ate humans, they could leisurely just walk up and just take any of these people out. They wouldn't even have to run or anything.

And lastly - I'm hating these super chirpy Raisins girls. I made a reservation yesterday where the chick said "excellent!" 11 times in a 20 second reservation call.

Her - How many people are in your party.

Me - 2.

Her - EXCELLENT! What is your name.

Me - (gives name)

Her - GREAT!

Me - (Rolls eyes)

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