Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You know how I love to bitch about dogs.

Sometimes I think when I'm a little old lady, I'm gonna just hang out somewhere and talk about the stuff I see. I could call it Stories from a Park bench. That of course is the nice title. You know.. when people aren't driving me crazy. Which is really a 50/50 toss up. Well - also because "Get out my F-ing Way, and "I want to punch you in the Throat" sounds unpleasant. We all know little old ladies are kind. Right?

Anyway... back at the museum. We'd gotten our tickets for the event, and had some time to burn. So we decided to walk around the grounds because there is a bunch of artsy stuff there. Mr S. wanted to go look at some new douchebaggy green city building. So we could mock it of course.

It is one of those buildings with a lawn on top of the roof. And don't get me wrong, I'm not a roof expert - but trapped water isn't very good for them. I think all those projects are going to end up costing more in repair than most of the benefits they claim. I find the lawn roofs especially annoying.

So - we are about a football field away from the museum and I can hear this dog barking. Back at the DeYoung this dog is still barking. Non stop. I finally rhetorically say "who's f-ing dog is that"? Because even though it was a public place, you can't imagine someone letting their dog do that.

We walk around trying to find out where the incessant barking is coming from, and as we are approaching the dog - he gets untied. He then makes it to the front doors of the museum. Where he just camps out and barks. You think I'm joking!

Most everyone coming out of the building attempts to get the dog to stop. He doesn't. I hang out taking pictures for a couple minutes, and finally get bored.

If he didn't look in such good shape I would have been convinced they were abandoning him because he wouldn't shut the hell up.

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