Sunday, July 13, 2008

Speling is rbitrary.

Okay people. What is happening to our society?

Over the past six months, I've noticed a precipitous fall of language. Ranging from people using words that aren't really words - but are close enough that it leaves you stumped for a minute to try to find the meaning. Sometimes its a mash up of two words. Which I can adapt to. Geeks love combining words. Like guestimation.

But more commonly lately, it's words that clearly people don't know how to pronounce, and they just make shit up. Here is an example.

See this is the issue. I was convinced immediately this was a spelling error. Which says a lot - because you all know I'm illiterate. I was so focused on the word "vulue" - initially I didn't even notice the other spelling error. Mr S. on the other hand was convinced the store was using some slang for their customer base.

I was so curious, I had to ask one of the workers who was entering the store.

Me - excuse me... what's a vulue customer?

Worker - barely acknowledges me and says " I don't know". Then brushes past me.

What does it say about our work force when they are oblivious to what "valued" customers are?

This is the thing - I wouldn't consider myself one of the greats of writing or spelling. I'm sure I have a trillion grammar mistakes in this post. But, I worry about the productivity of our nation when language is so quickly becoming such a hodge podge of non words.

How do we continue to operate on a business level when so many people don't even understand the words they are saying - or in this case writing? It is one thing to speak or write in your native language to friends - or even use text speak... but shouldn't there be one or two or five business languages?


  1. HAHA!!! I am the wrst splr eva! But I know the power that is spell check. Even if my brain sometimes forgets to use it.

    I think it's funnier that they managed to spell "inconvenience" correctly. I probably just spelled it wrong.

    Take your vulu custumralization elsewhere!!

  2. I totally agree. I think it's especially awful when people can't spell things correctly in a business setting. Whatever you write in your personal correspondence is one thing. But when it's for your job/business?? Use that spell check feature at least!

    On a related side-note, what ever happened to correct punctuation??

  3. I don't know! Are you talking about me? Now I feel all self conscience.

    I suck at the art of punct-shui. So lets get back to bitching about the people who can't spell. ;)

    Please, please, please let me have spelled everything correctly.

  4. Drives me a bit crazy too ~ more on the spelling but an obvious punctuation goof is just as bad. [Initially I typed oblivious for obvious ~ Freudian slip?]

    I usually make the dyslexic spelling/ typing-too-fast errors which the spel chequer won't catch; unite/untie, form/from, two/tow, to/too, etc.

    I wish the comment things on blogs had a spell checker.