Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Remember a couple of weeks ago I was surprised at how many people were on the roads despite high gas prices? Well, this weekend - not so much. I'd never seen the city (San Fransisco) so empty. Or the freeways so clear. I actually found it uncomfortable. Which surprised me. I guess there is some level of people I like.

The other thing that surprised me is that I have much less crowd rage when other people are more annoyed than me.

Mr S. and I were waiting in line to get up to this observation deck at the DeYoung. You had to take an elevator to get there and the woman manning it was barking at people to not crowd the elevators. "10 people only" she said. She wasn't actually bothering me - because I get progressively more intolerant as the day goes on. The observation deck was one of the first things we did. But, apparently the two linebacker gays to the back of us had a problem with it.

The fact that they were gay has nothing to do with the story. I just love completely normal gays. Everyone has to be "fabulous" these days, and it's somewhat irritating.

So anyway.. the guys starting making comments about how bitchy the elevator girl was. I agreed and we all had a good laugh.

Coming down from the deck our elevator was at capacity. 10 people as requested. When the elevator stopped. The door opened and a couple of women tried to get in. Another guy on our elevator politely told the woman we were full. Which made her just push her way in. Once she was in, the guy again tried to tell her we were only suppose to have 10 people in the car. She snapped back "you can have 12 people in these cars". Instead of just letting it go - like I would have - he tried again. This time she copped a total attitude and barked "well, we want to go home too". I mean, who wants to wait anther 2 minutes for another car?

At any rate.. it made me realise that I think so many mean things in my head. But, I normally just suffer in silence. It actually bugs the crap out of Mr S. that I don't just tell people "I know you want to spend all day caressing the products - but you are in my way".


  1. I know why the emptiness creeps you out. FOr the same reason I would be. In the back of your mind, you're thinking...the ZOMBIE takeover has begun!!!

    I personally would wait the 2 minutes rather than be crammed into a too full elevator. Yuck.

  2. Aboslutely true. Or some bubonic plague outbreak.

    We should just all be thankful the zombies can't drive.

    Me too about the elevator. Personal space please!