Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A sign of the times.

Since my fence project so far is going non-eventfully - I thought I'd take this time to talk about the downfall of society. And how evolution is going to turn us into short stubby tyrannosaurus like creatures with small beady eyes. Because, we aren't really going to need that peripheral vision that kept us safe for centuries. The new world only exists in the three foot radius surrounding your smart phone.

This old timey rant is brought on by these girls.

I'm not sure if I should put something like a "why in my day - we actually looked at each other". It just strikes me that we really are loosing so many interpersonal skills. And this shot sort of exemplifies it.

This isn't to say I myself don't love texting to death. It's great for having brief conversations. Not replacing conversation altogether. Which is what seems to be happening.

It also might explain why no one can get a pedestrian to cross the street in any fashion that recognises that a car wants to run their asses over if they don't get a move on. Perhaps... they just can't see them.


  1. Imagine the poor teenage girls.... Instead of, "He hasn't stopped by and it's been a week!" It's now, "He hasn't called and it's been 2 days!" And will soon be, "He hasn't texted, and it's been over 30 minutes!" :)
    BTW, I love my Crackberry. :) Here I am, sitting at work, and it just vibrated to tell me that I have an incoming work e-mail, a full 30 seconds before the desktop notification popped up a screen to let me know the same thing. :) Immediacy -- I love it!

  2. Yeah - me too! I don't have a crackberry, but a windows phone.

    Especially since I'm on a different schedule (being an insomniac) than a lot of people I know. I can text them at 1 in the morning, and get a reply by the time I wake up. And you don't have to put all that deliberate thought - like in email.

    But - kids need language skills. So I can make sure they understand me when they're taking my starbucks order.

  3. Just waiting for the day when I can text Starbucks my drink order before I hit the store:

    Iced venti no-ice mocha. Srsly. LOL :) Be there in 5. Kthxbai.