Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This market is so stupid.

It's been trading in a 600 point range since April. This is how you know how badly wall street is in the tank for Hillary. A market that looks like this is so range bound, that I doubt it can go higher, but the hedgies won't let it go lower like they normally would. Why upset the election? Most traders would short the hell out of this market. But the Fed has their finger on the trigger. Who wants to risk it?


  1. Let's try to guess the dow reaction, the day after the election and we'll see whose closest. If HRC wins, I'm guessing up 85 points. A Trump win, means down 380 and a Johnson victory down 50. DF

  2. I love this game.

    Johnson has no chance of winning, so no market reaction.

    I'm guessing if Trump or Clinton wins the market goes down 300. It's been trading sideways for a really long time now. The socialists are just trying to not rock the boat before the election. After.....all bets are off. I'm betting to the downside no matter who wins.

    18,000 is obviously the resistance point.

  3. I think I want to change my vote.

    The market will be unchanged because the Fed doesn't let the stock market fall anymore.

  4. I thought I'd go back and see what it's been historically, in 12, obamas reelection resulted in a 313 point drop. In 08 Obamas victory was greeted with a 485 point slide in the dow. In 04,Bushs reelection led to a 102 improvement in the dow. 00 probably shouldn't be considered since it took a couple of days to figure out the winner. I kind of wonder what president had the greatest percentage gain but way too much work to find out. Df