Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I'm a little in the dog house.

For the past couple of days Mr S. and I have been having a few discussions about my ticket. Obvi!

I think he feels like I'm not taking it seriously enough. Which I completely am! But every time I talk about it, it makes me giggle and that makes him not happy. It's not funny... technically, but it's such a tard thing to do it makes me laugh. Everyone laughs when you tell them you got nipped doing over 100. Because no one is that stupid. You don't even know the extent of how hard I've tried to stay out of trouble because I came from a troubled place.

But honestly I just feel lucky this is the first time I've been caught. I knew this day would always come. I just didn't know when. I mean when I first started dating Mr S. I told him I made it from Mountain View to the San Fransisco airport in 15 minutes. IN TRAFFIC! So this whole speeding problem was fully in the open the whole time we've been dating.

I don't actually feel any remorse - only bummed I got caught. So a lot of our conversations have revolved around me trying to do my best to not get another ticket. And I think he still wanted me to more remorseful. I couldn't even say that I would never do it again, because that would be a lie. After a couple of days of me saying I couldn't guarantee that I would be more remorseful, but I could agree to be more careful.  I think we agreed on a settlement.

I did get a little arrogant because highway 5 has so many truckers! They watch out for each other. I thought it was pretty impossible to have a cop on that road and not get a Waze notification. But obviously I was wrong. Maybe he was well hidden.

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