Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Do you really overcome a fear of heights?

I didn't really know this was in me until a few years ago. I was on the top floor of the De young Museum which is all windows and I was completely overcome with vertigo. I was pretty shocked because I was in a building and not in a place you might expect to have a problem. Like the railroad trellis in Capitola I walked a couple of times which is probably 100 feet up with questionable wood slats. If you make the wrong step you will fall to the ground. I've been in super high places and never had a problem. Climb down a huge beach cliff? Fine. Go to a museum? Not fine. Super not fine. Panic, queasy stomach and the whole thing.

I don't really understand what triggers it and every since the museum I'm never sure how my body will react to things. I try not to let it stop me within reason. So, why not step on the rattle snake den by going indoor skydiving?

Last night I really started freaking out because you realize you have to sign your life away. And
I've never even broken a bone. I mostly did this because I thought Mr S. would find it fun. And thankfully he did have a lot of fun.

They take you on two flights. One you only hover a few feet above the ground. The next they take you much higher.

On the first run I almost completely freaked out. Unlike skydiving you aren't plummeting to the
ground. You are being pushed up in the air by fans. The way you hold your body is actually pretty
challenging to keep yourself flat and I would have been in an uncontrolled spin if you didn't have
a guy in there with you. I got out and I was shaking and it was then Mr S. realized how freaked I was.

The second run I was holding my hands like I was clawing at the air! I'm undecided if I had fun or not. But at least I didn't mess up my collar bone! When you go through the safety briefing it's pretty
obvious that is probably the worst thing that can happen to you.

I probably wont post again until I get out of San Diego which is tomorrow. When I land in a
city I try to wring as much out of a city as I can. So it's hard to post until I have more time.

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