Thursday, October 13, 2016

Silicon Valley has jumped the shark.

A furious anti-Silicon Valley rant goes viral.

I read this article and laughed because the whole time I've lived here I've never seen so many people want to change the world yet produce so painfully little. Everyone acts like they are working on the most important "new thing", yet I've been pissed for about a year because all I see is shit.

I would love for this area to actually start making real things again instead of all this effing vapor ware. Seriously. Not that vapor ware is a new thing..... but all the lending sites have just put that crap on blast. Anyone can come up with a pie in the sky idea. But can you make an actual product out of it? From how many products never make it out of kickstarter - I'm guessing NOT. But people do like to gamble. So their bad.

The Valley is pretty eye rolling right now though.

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  1. I could very well be slipping, but on that topic I am watching it more with a jaundiced eye. When the tiny house crazy went through I just shook my head. I grew up poor, so I've done the "urban camping" thing and know what it's like to live in a converted van. I have the pictures to prove it. I know what it's like to have he cops wake you up every night to do a welfare check. It's the exact reason why I am the way am regarding housing. Why I've always watched it so closely.
    After you live that way you will hold on to your house with all your life.

    I don't think these people are lost if they don't want to be. They will just have to choose to work really hard to get back into the mainstream. But it can be done. At some point hopefully they will get tired of all the hassling by cops. The limited space. The lack of privacy. Repacking your crap all the time so it fits in a small space.

    And finally I think the whole thing sucks - but many of these people probably voted for these conditions TWICE. At this point I don't really feel sorry for them. I just feel lucky their stupidity didn't take me down too. It almost did. But because of the way I grew up I worked my ass off to make sure I didn't wind up there again. People do not understand how easy it is to wind up there and are completely complacent about it. You have to fight homelessness with everything you have. EVERY DAY. Even if you are not currently homeless.

    I've been watching the Mountain View thing. I even watched the homeless in San D. I watch them everywhere because that could have been me if I hadn't fought as hard as I did. These days people feel entitled. I just always felt scared I might wind up on the streets.

    I could have very easily walked away from my props like everyone else did. But the only thing I asked back them was "where are all these people going to live"? Well.....

    I know that might sound harsh but I bet many of those people are not innocents to how we got here. Some are a victim of circumstance, but I bet a lot of them made bad choices. But they can still turn it around if they really want to. This set isn't the first to live through this, and it probably wont be the last the next time a savage recession comes through. To some degree I wonder if every generation has to go through it so they know what to value. A roof over your head.