Saturday, October 15, 2016

San Diego.

This was the closest I ever got to a beach. Even though it seems like no matter where you went - the beach was just two blocks away from where ever you turned. But.... I can see the beach any time, I'm not sure I want to drive 6 hours to hit a beach. It has to be a really special beach like glass beach or something.

Kite surfing on the other hand. That is something I don't get to see that often. We have it here too. But it's by the San Mateo bridge or at the ocean. This little lagoon made it so they were super up close. And some of the guys were using a hydrofoil which I'd only seen on the internet.

I mainly wanted to do things I couldn't do anywhere else. And having a California burrito was about at the top of that list. It's a burrito with french fries instead of rice. Mr S kinda thought this was bullshit and just went along with the ride. I figured it was just one of those things I would cross off the list, but they are actually pretty good. The fries add less flavor than you would think, but a little more texture. If we would have found a good place on the way out, we'd have hit that again.

Next? Fresh churros. Seriously! Here in northern California you only get churro's from under the heat lamp. I had them once fresh and Mr S. has never heard the end of it. He thought I was making the whole thing up. How different can they be? But since San Diego is the closest to churro central I figured it was my best chance. Fresh churros are the BEST.

With food out of the way, San Diego was a bit of a challenge to find things to do. It's so completely normal there. They even have a section called Normal Heights. I guess 25% of the people down there are tied to the military so people have to keep their crap clean. I get it. Even if you don't work for a government company in Silicon Valley, there is a chance your company will get a government contract and all of a sudden you are under the umbrella of government rules. You try to stay squeaky clean.

I wanted to do the chalk show, but that bunny show messed that up. So we started asking people what fun things there were to do down there. Besides the beach and the water. They all suggested to the Zoo. Which I was pretty cool with at first. It seemed big. When we got there though, I was really glad I'd picked a Tuesday because the place is filled with screaming kids who's parents are constantly yelling at them. Now I'm not so sure I'm in love with the Zoo. Usually the animals are sleeping and you really have to walk a long way for not that big of a payoff.  And I'm hardly one to complain about walking. But I did that day.

As I said in a previous post, I'm afraid of heights. So why not take a gondola? I hate these things more than anything else, But I did get a good shot of the skyline.

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